Hors D’ Oeuvres-Individual

Escargot  10.00
garlic parsley butter

Beef Tartare   10.00
capers, sherry dijon aïoli, sliced baguette

Crispy Oysters  10.00

Duck Liver Mousse 10.00
cherry purée, pickled mustard seeds,
sweet & sour berries, frisée

Warm Brie  10.00
poached pears, candied walnuts

Lobster Fritters  10.00
tarragon aïoli

Cheese Plate
olives & compote
choice of 3 or 6

Salumi Plate
selection of cured meats, cornichons & mustard
15.00 /24.00

Cheese & Salumi Plate
olives & compote

 Antipasto Plate  20.50
roasted red peppers, oven dried tomatoes, olives,
burrata cheese, marinated vegetables, soppressata & grilled bread

 Charcuterie  19.00
pâté, prosciutto, melon, cow’s milk cheese,
mixed olives, fruit compote & baguette

Smoked Salmon Plate  21.00
smoked salmon & salmon rillette, capers, pickled red onion,
dill cream cheese, white grapes, baguette & miche 


Fruit De Mer
sauces: mignonette, cocktail sauce,
tarragon aïoli & lemon wedges

Demi Plateau    27.00
6 oysters, 3 shrimp, 3 clams, 3 mussels

Petit Plateau    55.00
1/2 lobster, 10 oysters, 6 shrimp,
6 clams, 6 mussels

Grand Plateau    95.00
1 whole lobster, 20 oysters, 12 shrimp,
12 clams, 12 mussels, 5 oz tuna

Huitres oysters
Each    2.75
  1/2 Dozen 15.00    Dozen 23.00


soy & ginger marinated tuna
2.5 oz 6.00    5 oz 9.00

1/2 or whole lobster
Market Price 15-25.

Crevettes shrimp
Each    2.50
  1/2 Dozen 14.00     Dozen 21.00

 Moules mussels
  1/2 Dozen 4.00     Dozen 6.00

Palourdes clams
  1/2 Dozen 6.00     Dozen 10.00

Plats du Jour

Lundi   Monday
Braised Short Ribs
coffee braised, pecorino, polenta, red chard


 Mardi   Tuesday
Alsatian Chicken
whole chicken leg, chicken sausage stuffing, chive spaetzle, mustard velouté, pickled apples

Mercredi  Wednesday

Grilled Pork Tenderloin
maple brine, roasted brussels sprouts & sweet potatoes,
apple chip, butternut & sage béarnaise

Jeudi  Thursday
Veal Pot-au-Feu
sliced veal roast, beef consommé, potatoes fondants,
late winter vegetables

Vendredi  Friday
Seared Duck Breast
dirty rice, sweet potato purée, brussels sprouts,
crispy parsnips, cranberries, duck bordelaise

Samedi  Saturday
Sole Meunière
butter poached potatoes, spinach & garlic, capers,
parsley, lemon brown butter sauce

Dimanche  Sunday
Country Cassoulet
white beans braised with bacon & wine, duck confit,
chicken confit, braised pork belly, chicken & sage sausage, breadcrumbs, sherry gastrique


Onion Soup Gratinée

Tomato Soup Gratinée


Salad of Beets
mâche, goat cheese, toasted hazelnuts
& hazelnut vinaigrette

Truffle Caesar Salad
baby romaine, parmesan cheese
& warm brioche croutons

Mix of Young Greens
herbs, shallots & house vinaigrette

Seared Scallops
vichyssoise, bacon, crispy leeks, paprika & chive oil
13.00 / 18.00

Citrus Salad
red endive, arugula, kumquats, blood orange, radish,
goat cheese, pomegranate vinaigrette

Casonsei with Sausage
ricotta filling, crumbled italian sausage, mushroom purée,
shaved radicchio, balsamic reduction

Moules Frites
marinère-white wine, garlic & parsley
a l’oignon-sherry, caramelized & gruyére

to any salad add chicken paillard 7.50,
or grilled salmon 8.50


Plats Principaux

Crispy Portobello Risotto
portobello strips,
herbed mushroom risotto, parmesan

Chicken Cordon Bleu
prosciutto & gruyère stuffed chicken breast, truffle mornay,
broccolini, mushrooms & carrots

Seed Crusted Salmon
poppy & sesame crust, red borscht, dill crème fraîche,
bacon croutons, celery root, parsnips, herb salade
with red onion & pickled fennel

Boeuf Bourguignon
braised beef paleron, potato purée,
baby bok choy, pearl onions, haricots vets,
oven dried tomatoes, roasted carrots, parsnips,
wild mushrooms & red wine veal jus

Seared Cod Cake
turnips aligot, haricots verts, braised red cabbage, brown butter hollandaise  24.00

Steak Frites
NY Strip 30.00
maitre d’ butter / red wine & shallots
brandy peppercorn / red wine bleu cheese
Chopped Steak
mushrooms & crispy shallots, served with frites,
choice of sauce
add bacon, additional 2.50 

Grilled Hanger Steak
fingerling potatoes, spinach & sauce bordelaise

Lamb Merguez with Frites
moroccan spiced lamb sausage, house ciabatta, caramelized onions,
gruyère, algerian sauce

Hamburger, Cheeseburger & Frites
choice of:
roquefort, gruyère, cheddar or goat cheese

17.00 / 18.00


á la carte

Wild Mushrooms   8.00
Frites   6.00
Brussels Sprouts   7.50
Spinach & Garlic  7.00
Macaroni Gruyère   7.00
Macaroni Lyonnaise  8.50