Trio of Macarons   8
strawberry, chocolate, pistachio

Banana Bavarois  12
buttermilk bavarois, banana bread
house made vanilla wafers, buttered rum sauce

Blueberry & Frangipane Tart    12
 meyer lemon curd, brown butter almond streusel,
blueberry coulis, cream cheese ice cream

Crème Brûlée  10
lavendar crème brûlée, macerated blackberries, citrus lace tuille,
honey ice cream

Black Forest Cake   12
glacé cherries, whipped cream, cocoa nib shortbread crumble,
sour cherry sorbet

Strawberry Mille Feuille  11
puff pastry, whipped goat cheese ganache, strawberry jam,
strawberry sherbet

Trio of Ice Creams    9


Cheese Plate

with Olives & Fruit Compote

Montrachet With Herb
(goat’s milk)

(cow’s milk)

(sheep’s milk)