Dinner Desserts

 Crème Brûlée   10.00
salted caramel ice cream, chocolate maple sauce & french toast crumbles

Chocolate Brown Butter Pavé  10.00
brown butter ice cream & orange caramel sauce

Profiteroles   10.00
baked cream puff with warm chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Mousse Mille-Feuille  10.00
crispy biscoff crust, rich chocolate mousse, dark chocolate toffee sauce & chocolate ripple ice cream

Peanut Tart   10.00
spiced peanut crumble, toffee sauce & coffee ice cream

Baked Alaska  10.00
classic baked alaska with corn flour cake, blueberry ice cream & lemon sauce

Apple Cheesecake  10.00
salted caramel ice cream, ginger snap crumbs & apple spiced chai tea sauce

Mango Blueberry Crépes   10.00
coconut ice cream, dulce de leche sauce & cinnamon granola

Trio of Sorbet Or Ice Cream   9.00
selection of homemade sorbets and ice creams


Cheese Plate

with Olives or Fruit Compote: Choice Of Three 15.00, Choice Of Six 24.00.

Montrachet With Herb
(goat’s milk)

Tomme de Savoie
(cow’s milk)

(cow’s milk)

(sheep’s milk)

(cow’s milk)

Fourme d’Ambert
(cow’s milk)


Lunch Desserts

Trio Of Sorbet Or Ice Cream    8.00
selection of homemade sorbet and ice cream

Crème Brûlée    8.00
classic french custard with chocolate maple sauce

Peanut Tart   8.00
toffee sauce & spiced peanut crumble

Mango Blueberry Crêpes   8.00
dulce de leche sauce & cinnamon granola

Apple Cheesecake   8.00
apple spiced chai tea sauce

Profiteroles    8.00
baked cream puff with vanilla ice cream,
warm chocolate chambord sauce