coffee house




Breakfast Offerings

add a cup a coffee to any breakfast item for 2.00

Yogurt Parfait with plain yogurt, fresh seasonal fruit & house-made granola  8.00

House-made Oatmeal – choice of:
Blueberry Almond Milk Oatmeal with toasted almonds & ginger crumble  6.50
Classic Oatmeal with rum-poached raisins & ginger crumble  6.00
served with brûléed half grapefruit for an additional 3.00

Yogurt Smoothie Bowls  – choice of:
Green Smoothie Bowl topped with banana, pineapple, chia & flax seeds  9.75
Berry Smoothie Bowl topped with mixed berries & house-made granola 9.75

Crepes  – choice of regular or buckwheat (gf) flour & filling:
Ham & Cheese
Mushroom & Cheese
Nutella & Banana

Breakfast Plate  – served on choice of:
Toasted Wheat Fragel or Bed of Spinach with White Balsamic Vinaigrette
egg white, bacon & cheddar  9.75
egg white, bacon & avocado  9.75
smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese, capers & pickled red onion  9.75
avocado & fresh berries with goat cheese & pecans  6.75

Quiche du Jour   8.50
served with a side of fruit for an additional 3.00

Brioche French Toast with fruit compote, maple syrup & powdered sugar  7.50
served with crispy bacon for an additional 3.50


Á la Carte

Grapefruit Brûlée   3.50
Crispy Bacon   4.00
Egg Whites   4.00
Fresh Seasonal Fruit   4.00
fresh berries available for an additional 2.00
Plain Organic Yogurt with fresh seasonal fruit   7.00
House-Made Granola with milk & berries   5.00

Toasted Whole Wheat Fragel
served with
…egg white, bacon & cheddar  9.50
…egg white, bacon & avocado  9.50
…egg white, ham & swiss  9.50
…smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese, capers & pickled red onion  9.50
…avocado, sun dried tomatoes & fontina  6.50



Demi Baguette with butter & jam  1.00
Seasonal Scone or Muffin  3.25
Fragel  with butter & jam  2.50
add cream cheese  .50
Fleur de Lis  3.50
Petite Brioche  2.45
Madeleines 3/2.25
Butter Croissant  2.45
Grand Brioche (fri-sun only)  4.25
Chocolate, Almond, Nutella, Sugar or Fruit Croissant   2.85
Pecan or Cinnamon Roll served warm with glaze (fri-sun only)  2.95


Coffee House Drinks

Drip Coffee

Café Noir  2.75 (free refills in-house)
Iced Café Noir  3.75
Café au Lait  sm 2.25/lg 2.75
drip coffee & steamed milk
French Press sm 4.75/lg 6.00



Espresso   2oz 2.75
Latté  3.45/4.45
espresso & steamed milk topped with foam
Mocha Latté  3.95/4.95
espresso with house made chocolate ganache & steamed milk, topped with whipped cream
Cappuccino    3.45/4.45
equal parts espresso, steamed milk & foam
Americano  3.00/3.50
espresso with hot water
Cuban Coffee  3.50
espresso with cocoa & cinnamon pulled over raw sugar, topped with foam


Hot Drinks

Chocolat Chaud   3.45/4.45
house-made chocolate ganache with milk topped with whipped cream & cocoa powder
Chai Tea Latte  3.45/4.45
sweetened chai with steamed milk
Harney & Sons Tea   3.10 per pot
english breakfast, earl grey, sencha, jasmine, decaf ceylon, camomile, paris & mint verbena
Steamer  3.45/4.45
steamed milk with choice of flavored syrup


Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee Noir    3.75
Iced Latte      4.45
espresso & milk over ice
Iced Chai Tea Latté      4.45
sweetened chai with milk